Tijdens de kaasworkshop leer je zelf kaas maken
The best Dutch experience!

Make your own cheese

In this cheese workshop you will learn how to make cheese yourself. If you are looking for an activity in the Rotterdam region, Esther will gladly tell you all about the process of cheese making. At the end of the workshop you will receive your home-made cheese. Afterwards you will be able to make your own cheese at home.

This activity can be followed individually or as a group. It’s a perfect team building activity for smaller groups. Coffee, tea, homemade cake and a delicious farmer’s lunch are included. The groups are small, so you will get a lot of personal attention and there is a lot enough time for your personal questions about cheese.


The personal attention of Esther the cheese maker makes this workshop unique.

Participants about the cheese making workshop

Esther took us into the process of making cheese. We eat it (almost) every day but most of us have no idea how it is made. During the workshop you will learn everything about the ingredients, curdling, cutting, whey, washing, stirring, pressing, brining and coating. Stirring is not the same as cutting, although it is very similar. And temperature appears to be a very important part to make a cheese succeed. This workshop is a very nice way to experience how it works, making cheese. It is almost all manual work, so after a workshop you have gained stronger arm muscles. At the end of the workshop you will receive your own homemade cheese and "care products" . At home you have to brin, dry, coat and turn the cheese. After 6 weeks you can enjoy a delicious homemade cheese!

A cheese workshop by Esther is a real treat. You will get a good professional explanation about the cheese making process. And because the workshop is given in a small group, you will get a lot of personal attention and tips. You can do everything yourself, which means you can take your own handmade cheese home at the end of the day. At home you have to finish off the cheese and wait a few weeks to have the real end product. But that is the charm of cheese making. During the workshop, food and drinks, a delicious farmer's lunch and extra background information about the cheese making process are well taken care of. Overall a nice day out.


Gift voucher

Did your son graduate, will you celebrate the birthday of you daughter, or are you saying goodbye to a colleague? A gift voucher for a cheese workshop is always a good gift. The gift voucher will be sent by post in a nice package. Do you need the gift voucher urgently? The voucher can also be sent by e-mail. The gift voucher costs € 65 per person.

Contact us and inquire about the possibilities for a gift voucher.

10 reasons why I love making cheese


Nice to learn something new

Making cheese is the perfect way to try something new in the kitchen.


Working with your hands

Stop thinking, start working with your hands in the cheese


Good workout

You immediately have your necessary exercise. Making cheese is hard work!


Soft hands

But the reward comes afterwards: wonderfully soft hands from stirring in the whey.



Your cheese must mature for at least 6 weeks. Until that time you can only wait to see if it is successful.


Satisfying feeling

Even if the cheese fails, you still have a satisfied feeling of working with your hands.


Cheese is tasty!

… And if it succeeds, then it’s delicious! Who doesn’t like a nice cheese plate?



After your first cheese, the experimentation will start. What do you add extra to create your personal taste?


Beautiful location

The workshops are given in a farm setting. How nice is it when the goats watch while you are making cheese?


Having a good time!

When I make cheese, especially during the workshops, I’m always having a good time. Will I see you soon?

Handtekening van Esther de kaasmaakster
Kaasmaakster Esther van der Zeijden

Esther: a passionate cheese maker

Esther is a food technologist and making cheese is her profession. She has worked in the food industry and after changing jobs for a few times has come to her passion: making cheese. She can talk passionately about the process of making cheese and is happy to do so during the workshops.

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