A unique Dutch day trip: making Gouda cheese

Uniek dagje uit: kaas maken

Go for the ultimate Dutch experience: start making cheese together! Esther is happy to share her passion and profession in making cheese.

Visit the cheese maker in Elburg or experience a day “out” in your own kitchen. Esther takes all necessary things with her and provides a delicious farmer’s lunch.

During the day you go through all the steps of making cheese. Afterwards you will receive all the materials you need to further treat your own cheese for the next 6 weeks. After 6 weeks you can enjoy your homemade Gouda cheese!

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5.5 hours including coffee / tea and lunch

Depending on the number of participants

1 to 12 people. Larger group? Request quote.

In your own kitchen, your own location or Elburg.

5.5 hours including coffee / tea and lunch

Depending on the number of participants

1 to 12 people. Larger group? Request quote.

In your own kitchen, your own location or Elburg.

Program of the day trip

09:30 - Ready, set.... go!

This will be an unforgettable Dutch experience! The preparation can begin: this means removing rings, washing hands and wearing a hairnet.

09:45 - Processing milk

We start with processing the milk, adding additives and the rennet to make the milk curdle.

10:00 - Coffee or tea with e treat

While the milk is curdling it is time for coffee or tea with a treat.

Kaas maken

10:30 - Cutting, washing, filling and pressing cheese

After the break we cut the curd. The curd is washed several times and undergoes several process steps before the fresh cheese can go under the press.

13:00 - A delicious lunch

While the cheese is under the press, Esther provides a delicious farmer’s lunch. Halfway through lunch we turn the cheeses and there is still enough time to enjoy the outdoors or to ask questions you had not yet asked.

14:30 - Inspecting the cheese

We take the cheese from the press. You will receive instructions on how to further treat the cheese yourself.

Tijdens de kaasworkshop leer je zelf kaas maken

15:00 - End of workshop

We close the day trip around 3:00 PM. Making cheese is a delicate process, so we can deviate slightly from the timetable.

Afterwards - Enjoy another 6 weeks!

At the end of the day you will receive a cheese box with all the materials you need to further treat your own cheese. In the coming period you will have to take care of your cheese diligently, with love, passion and patience, so that the cheese develops into a tasty cheese. The box contains instructions, so that you know exactly what to do with the cheese. After six weeks, your cheese is ready for consumption.

Het resultaat van de kaasworkshop

Participants reviews about cheese making with Esther (in Dutch only)

Below you can read some of the experiences participants shared on Tripadvisor , Google or Facebook .

10 reasons why making cheese is the best Dutch day trip


Learn all about a Dutch tradition

Making cheese is the perfect way to experience the Dutch culture and learn all about on old Dutch tradition.


Hard work and yet relaxing

It’s such a great feeling to put your hand in the fresh cheese. Making cheese is hard work and yet relaxing.


Great work-out

You’ll immediately have your necessary exercise. Making cheese is hard work!


Soft hands

But the reward comes afterwards: wonderfully soft hands from stirring in the meadow.



Your cheese must ripen for at least 6 weeks. Until then, you can only wait to see if it worked.


Satisfied feeling

Even if the cheese fails, you still have a satisfied feeling of working with your hands.


Cheese is delicious!

…and if it does work, then it is delicious! Who doesn’t love a tasty cheese platter?


Afterwards you can make your own cheese

You will receive a cheese box with all the instructions to make your own Dutch Gouda cheese afterwards.


Completely Covid-proof

We make cheese in small groups, so that we can keep enough distance.


We'll have a great time

When we make cheese we’re always having a great time. Will I see you soon?


Option 1: self-chosen location

Thuis kaas maken

Completely Covid-proof: spend a day “trip” in your own kitchen. Esther takes all the things necessary for cheese making and also provides a delicious lunch. It feels like you have been away in your own home for a day! If you are with a larger group, you can also make cheese in a community center, restaurant kitchen, large barn, etc.

What requirements must a location meet?

Option 2: in Elburg

Kaas maken in Rotterdam

The workshop is given at the beautiful dairy farm of the van der Kolk family in Elburg, on the edge of the Veluwe. During the workshop you have a beautiful view of the cows in the barn. If the ladies feel like it, they walk to the meadow or to the milking robot, eat something delicious or stand under the massage brush. We use the milk from the cows of the van der Kolk family to make cheese.


The costs of a day out depend on the type of group.

Option 1: mixed group

You will be assigned to a mixed group

85 euros per person

For groups of more than 5 people, it is better to opt for a private group, which is cheaper.

Every first Saturday of the month.

You have the opportunity to register every first Saturday of the month.

100% refund in case of cancellation

Continues with 6 or more registrations. If there are fewer registrations, we will look at another date in consultation or you will get a refund.

Location: Elburg

With this option you will always make cheese at a location in Elburg.

Option 2: private group

No unknown persons are joining

Costs depend on the size of the group

1 person:
€ 625,00 p.p (self-chosen location)
€ 880,00 p.p (in Elburg)

2 persons:
€ 325,00 p.p (self-chosen location)
€ 455,00 p.p (in Elburg)

3 persons:
€ 225,00 p.p (self-chosen location)
€ 310,00 p.p (in Elburg)

4 persons:
€ 175,00 p.p (self-chosen location)
€ 245,00 p.p (in Elburg)

5 persons:
€ 140,00 p.p (self-chosen location)
€ 200,00 p.p (in Elburg)

6 persons:
€ 120,00 p.p (self-chosen location)
€ 190,00 p.p (in Elburg)

7 persons:
€ 105,00 p.p (self-chosen location)
€ 155,00 p.p (in Elburg)

8 persons:
€ 100,00 p.p (self-chosen location)
€ 155,00 p.p (in Elburg)

9 persons:
€ 95,00 p.p (self-chosen location)
€ 125,00 p.p (in Elburg)

10 persons:
€ 90,00 p.p (self-chosen location)
€ 115,00 p.p (in Elburg)

11 persons:
€ 85,00 p.p (self-chosen location)
€ 105,00 p.p (in Elburg)

> 12 people: request a quote (in Dutch only)

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

You can make cheese 3 days a week in a private group. Do you want another day? Please contact Esther .

Guaranteed workshop

Your day trip is guaranteed to continue! With a mixed group, the costs per person are slightly lower, but you do not have the guarantee that it will continue.

Choose from all options for locations

With this option you can choose your own location or a location in Elburg.

Give a day of cheese making as a gift

Making cheese for a day is a super fun and unique Dutch experience. Give a day trip as a present and receive a beautifully wrapped gift voucher with a personal message.

Give a unique Dutch experience

Get a gift voucher with a personal message

Cadeaubon kaas maken