Workshop for hobby chefs: making Gouda cheese

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Do you want to try making Dutch Gouda cheese yourself now that you spend a lot of time at home? Also in this Corona period you can follow a workshop fully Corona-proof . Visit the cheese maker or follow the workshop in your own kitchen. Esther brings all the necessary things to your home, including a delicious farmer’s lunch.

During this practical workshop you will learn how to make your own Gouda cheese. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of cheese making. If you already have (some) experience, Esther will adjust the workshop to your level.

Will you be making your own delicious Gouda cheese soon? Then take a look at the available days (in Dutch only) and book directly. If you are not able to join due to Covid19-related complaints, you can choose another date free of charge or you will receive a 100% refund.

5.5 hours including coffee / tea and lunch

Depending on the number of participants

Covid-proof: maximum 1 household per day trip

In your own kitchen, your own location or the Rotterdam region.

5.5 hours including coffee / tea and lunch

Depending on the number of participants

Covid-proof: maximum 1 household per day trip

In your own kitchen, your own location or the Rotterdam region.

Program of the workshop

09:30 - Preparation

The preparation for making the cheese can begin. Hygiene is very important when making cheese: this means taking off rings, washing hands and wearing a hairnet.

09:45 - Short theory and then get to work

To get a good understanding of how the cheese making process works, Esther starts with a short theoretical explanation. Soon after, we will get to work in a practical way. We process the milk, add additives and the rennet, so that the milk can curdle properly.

10:00 - Break with a treat

We have to wait half an hour until the milk has curdled properly. A good moment for coffee or tea with a treat.

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10:30 - From cutting the cheese to pressing it

When the milk has curdled enough, we cut curd. We wash the curd several times before it can be put under the press.

13:00 - A delicious lunch

The cheese needs to be about 45 minutes under the press. That gives us enough time for a delicious farmer’s lunch. This is also the time to fire off any questions you have not yet asked or to enjoy the outdoors for a while before we continue.

14:30 - Take the cheese from the press

After lunch we take the cheese from the press. We inspect the cheese for any cracks or irregularities. Esther will also give instructions on how to further treat the cheese in the coming period.

Lunch tijdens de workshop kaas maken

15:00 - End of workshop

When making cheese you never know exactly how long it will take you. Sometimes it is necessary to put the cheese under the press a bit more, for example. We can therefore deviate slightly from the timetable. We are expected to complete the workshop around 3:00 PM.

Afterwards - Enjoy another 6 weeks!

After the workshop, Esther will give you a box with everything you need to take care of your own cheese. In the coming weeks you will have to take good care of your own cheese. You will receive all materials and instructions for this. After six weeks the time has finally come. Your cheese is ready to eat! Or do you wait a little longer until it has matured further?

Het resultaat van de workshop kaas maken

Participants reviews about cheese making with Esther (in Dutch only)

Below you can read some of the experiences participants shared on Tripadvisor , Google or Facebook .


Option 1: self-chosen location

Thuis kaas maken

Completely Covid-proof: spend a day “trip” in your own kitchen. Esther takes all the things necessary for cheese making and also provides a delicious lunch. It feels like you have been away in your own home for a day! If you are with a larger group, you can also make cheese in a community center, restaurant kitchen, large barn, etc.

What requirements must a location meet?

Option 2: Rotterdam region

Kaas maken in Rotterdam

In the Rotterdam region there are several locations where we can make cheese. Depending on your chosen date and the number of people, an available location will be chosen. All locations have a rural setting and plenty of space to get a breath of fresh air and enjoy life outside at the same time.


The costs of a day out depend on the type of group.

Option 1: mixed group

You will be assigned to a mixed group

65 euros per person

For groups of more than 5 people, it is better to opt for a private group, which is cheaper.

Every first Saturday of the month.

You have the opportunity to register every first Saturday of the month.

100% refund in case of cancellation

Continues with 6 or more registrations. If there are fewer registrations, we will look at another date in consultation or you will get a refund.

Location: Rotterdam region

With this option you will always make cheese at a location in the Rotterdam region.

Option 2: private group

No unknown persons are joining

Costs depend on the size of the group

1 person: € 265.00 p.p
2 persons: € 145.00 p.p
3 persons: € 105.00 p.p
4 persons: € 85.00 p.p
5 persons: € 75.00 p.p
6 persons: € 65.00 p.p
7 persons: € 60.00 p.p
8 – 12 persons: € 55.00 p.p
> 12 people: request a quote (in Dutch only)

See the costs per person below.

Cost per person overview

Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

You can make cheese 3 days a week in a private group. Do you want another day? Please contact Esther .

Guaranteed workshop

Your day trip is guaranteed to continue! With a mixed group, the costs per person are slightly lower, but you do not have the guarantee that it will continue.

Choose from all options for locations

With this option you can choose your own location or a location in the Rotterdam region.

Give a workshop of cheese making as a gift

A cheese making workshop is a super fun DIY gift to give. Give a workshop as a gift and receive a beautifully packaged gift voucher with a personal message.

Super fun DIY gift

Get a gift voucher with a personal message

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