Give a cheeseworkshop giftvoucher as a present

There is always a good reason to give a cheese workshop as a gift: for Valentine’s Day, as a birthday present, for an anniversary or just because your mother is such a wonderful woman… Give a cheese workshop gift voucher and the recipient will receive his or her personal gift voucher by e-mail.

Of course, it is also possible to have the voucher sent to yourself.

If you print the voucher on nice sturdy paper and fold it in half, you have created your own cheese workshop gift “card” that you can leave. If you also put a nice bow around it, the gift voucher will be finished off in a festive way and you might even make the shine with the best gift ever.

Super fun DIY gift
Gift voucher in a nice package and with a personal message
How does it work?
kaasworkshop cadeaubon

5 reasons to give a cheese workshop as a gift



It’s always nice to give something unique: Making cheese is the perfect way to try something new. The recipient will never have received this gift.


The perfect DIY gift

During the workshop you are working with your hands. It’s nice to “get out of your head” and put your hands in the cheese.


Soft hands

Afterwards, in addition to a delicious cheese as a reward, you also get wonderfully soft hands from stirring in the whey.


Enjoy 6 weeks afterwards

Your cheese has to ripe for at least 6 weeks. During that time you have to take good care of the cheese. Afterwards it will be delicious! Who doesn’t like a good cheese platter?


Fun guaranteed

We always have great fun during the workshops, because there is enough time between cheese making for a nice lunch and a nice chat.

Eline about her gift voucher

Cadeaubon voor Eline

How nice this was! The whole experience was fun. I received a personal card from Esther a month before we started the workshop. It was a present from my friend. How Esther worked this out was so nice. I felt very welcome. The cheese workshop was also super educational and was very streamlined. I would love to do this more often! Now we have to wait a few weeks for the cheese to ripen, we can't wait 🙂

kaasworkshop cadeaubon

How does it work?


Choose from the different gift vouchers

With a gift voucher you can give a complete workshop as a gift or give a contribution, so that the recipient receives a discount on a workshop. View the options of the gift vouchers below.

  1. A cheese workshop in Elburg for 1 person – 85 euros
  2. A cheese workshop in Elburg for 2 people – 170 euros
  3. A cheese workshop at your own location for 1 person – From 625 euros
  4. A cheese workshop at your own location for 2 people – From 650 euros

Read more about the workshops.


Tell something about the recipient

Let Esther know who will receive the gift voucher and why he / she is getting it. Esther will write a personal message on the gift voucher.


Order the gift voucher and pay with iDeal

You can order the gift voucher using the form below. You can pay easily and secure via iDeal.

You will receive the personal gift voucher by e-mail within 24 hours. If you are in a rush, please contact us. We will then see what is possible to send it faster.


Print the gift voucher

Print the receipt on nice sturdy paper and fold it in half. Now you’ve made your own cheese workshop gift “card”. Put a nice ribbon around it as a surprise and you have completed your gift voucher in a festive way.


The recipient can book a workshop himself

After receiving the gift voucher, the recipient can reserve a workshop at a time that suits him or her best. In the last step, he / she will be given the option to enter the code stated on the gift voucher.

If a recipient would like to do a different type of workshop or would like to do a workshop with more people, this is possible. He / she can then place an order via the website for the desired workshop with the number of people he desires. In the last step, the recipient can enter the code of the gift voucher. This is settled as a discount, after which the recipient pays the remainder.

The gift voucher: a great idea for every occasion

Cadeaubon voor de kerst
Cadeaubon voor Sinterkaas

Order a gift voucher

Option 1: self-chosen location

Esther takes all the materials needed for making cheese and also provides a delicious lunch. It feels for the recipient as if he/she has been away for a day at home!

Option 2: in Elburg

The workshop is given at the beautiful dairy farm of the van der Kolk family in Elburg, on the edge of the Veluwe. During the workshop you have a beautiful view of the cows in the barn.