Ask for advice

All sorts of things can go wrong if you start making cheese yourself. Mold on the coating? Bubbles in the cheese? No worries! Esther happily helps you to make a delicious homemade cheese.

Consultation (free)

Esther is happy to help you with your question. Schedule a consultation and Esther will call you back (possibly via video calling) at a time that is convenient for you.

The consultation is free. If you’re happy with how you have been helped afterwards, you can make a donation. If you don’t, we’ll still be good friends!

Book a private workshop

During a private workshop Esther comes to your home.  She is happy to take you on a journey from her passion and profession in making cheese. The workshop is practical: afterwards you immediately have your first cheese.

You have every opportunity to ask questions, even afterwards if continue the afterwork with your own cheese.

Kaasmaakster Esther van der Zeijden