What happens if I cancel last minute due to Corona?

If you have to cancel due to Corona complaints or the Corona measures, you can choose another date free of charge or get your money back.

Cancellation due to Covid19-related complaints

If you have Covid19-related complaints at the time that you have made a reservation, so that you cannot be present, you can decide for yourself what you want at that time:

1: You get a 100% refund
2: You will receive a voucher, so that you can make a reservation at a later time.

Cancellation due to Covid19 measures

It may also be that you have already made a reservation for a larger group. At the moment, groups are not yet allowed to come together and therefore cannot make cheese together. You can cancel free of charge if the measures are still valid at the time you made the reservation. You will then receive a 100% refund or a voucher, so that you can still make a reservation at a later time.

You can therefore already make a reservation without any worries!

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