Nice activity at home during the corona period

Cheese workshop at home

The cheese maker is coming to you

Are you completely fed up with Corona and do you feel like you want to do something fun during the Corona period? Do you want to try to make your own cheese at home now that you are at home a lot? The special Corona-proof cheese workshop, where Esther the cheese maker will visit you, can be a fun alternative to a day out. If you have specific questions, please contact Esther and we will look at the possibilities.

Workshop program

09:30 - Welcome

We prepare for the workshop. This means: we take off our hand-jewelry, wash our hands and put a hairnet on.

09:45 - Processing milk

We start with processing the milk, adding additives and the rennet to curdle the milk.

10:00 - coffee and homemade cake

During the curdling of the milk there is time for coffee or tea with something tasty.

10:30 - Cutting, washing, filling and pressing cheese

We cut the curled milk into curd. The curd is washed and undergoes several process steps before the cheese can be pressed.

13:00 - Farmer's lunch

Now it is time for lunch! Halfway through lunch we turn the cheeses and continue the lunch. Lunch gives you time to review everything and ask your questions.

14:30 - Inspecting the cheese

We take the cheese from the press. You will get instructions how to take care of your cheese at home.

15:00 - End of workshop

You will receive a cheese toolkit containing all the materials you will need to threat you cheese well at home. After 6 weeks your cheese is ready for consumption.

Duration of the cheese workshop

The workshop lasts approximately five and a half hours. Making cheese is a delicate process, which means we can deviate slightly from the timetable.

Are you disabled?

Making cheese is a physical activity. That is why it is important to have good mobility. Is this a problem? Then contact Esther and we will look at what is possible.

Tijdens de kaasworkshop leer je zelf kaas maken

Important to know


Instructions for good cheese hygiene.

Make sure you bring one pair of easy shoes with clean soles (not used or properly cleaned in advance). Only put on these shoes when we start making cheese.

Take off your hand jewels, tie your beautiful wild locks in a tail and leave your artificial and painted nails at home.

Put on a freshly washed shirt.

At the start of the workshop you get a hairnet and you can wash and disinfect your hands.

During the workshop (incl. the breaks) it is important not to come into the stable because of cheese hygiene.


You will come home with your newborn cheese. It looks like cheese, but it is actually compressed yogurt. Your cheese still has to develop its character. In the upcoming weeks you will have to take care of your cheese with love, passion and patience, in order for the cheese gets the character that suits him.

You will get a “cheese toolkit” including all materials you need to further treat your cheese with. There is an instruction in the toolkit so you will exactly know what to do with the cheese. After six weeks your cheese is ready for consumption.

If you want to make your own cheese at home afterwards, view the recipe for making your own cheese (Dutch only). If you have any questions about your cheese afterwards or if you’re experimenting with making cheese and would like to talk about it, please contact Esther.

Na afloop krijg je je kaaskistje mee naar huis

Location: At home or another place of choice

This cheese workshop can take place in your own kitchen, another self-organized location or in Esther’s kitchen. Making cheese is not a surgical operation, but good hygiene is important for the cheese to be successful. It is therefore important that there are no spider webs etc. hanging on the ceiling. Furthermore, hot water and electricity are required. You don’t need more, because Esther takes the necessary cheese materials to your location.

Do you want to know if your location is suitable for a cheese workshop? Please contact the cheese maker.

What are the location requirements?

1.5 meters distance is possible

Make sure that it is possible to keep 1.5 meters distance for everyone during the workshop (only if are not family).

Working hygienically

It must be possible to work hygienically during the cheese workshop.

Hot running water available

You need a lot of water when making cheese. Running water is therefore necessary.

Make a reservation

A corona-proof workshop is always a private workshop and can be booked by a maximum of 3 people or 1 household because of Corona and applicable guidelines.

If you have a location in the province of South-Holland, no travel costs will be charged.

PersonsPrice p.pTotal 
1265 euro265 euroMake a reservation
2145 euro290 euroMake a reservation
3105 euro315 euroMake a reservation
485 euro340 euroMake a reservation
575 euro375 euroMake a reservation

Available days

You can follow a workshop on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Would you like to follow a workshop on another day? Then contact Esther or call the cheese line.

Give a cheese workshop as a gift

A cheese workshop is a super fun DIY gift to give. Give a workshop as a gift and receive a beautifully wrapped gift voucher, with a personal message.

Super fun DIY gift
Gift voucher in nice packaging and personal message
kaasworkshop cadeaubon


If you do not like to follow the cheese workshop at home at the moment, check out the alternatives.

Tijdens de kaasworkshop leer je zelf kaas maken

This workshop is organized on a farm in the Rotterdam region. You have the option to book individually for a fixed ticket price of 65 euro’s per person or special group prices.

Maak zelf je eigen kaas

View the recipe for how to make your own Gouda cheese at home. If you cannot find a solution, you can always contact Esther.